Indo - X70 - Trampoline Scooter - Black

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Indo X70 Trampoline Scooter

Color: Black


Finally a way of practicing those hard to nail scoot tricks with some trampoline assistance - The Indo Trampoline Scooter

Let us just start by saying that you won't be cruising anywhere on this puppy since it is not like your regular scooters - You know with wheels and such. Instead, the Indo is purpose-built for use indoors and especially for trampoline use.

Tech Features:

  • Don't worry about the cloth on your trampoline - Since this deck made entirely out of a foam material protecting both shins, ankles, etc., and also the surface you use it on
  • The width and t-shape of the bar is very similar to the setup found on most pro scooters, making it easy to transition into doing the newly learned tricks on your real scooter
  • This setup is super lightweight as it does not hold nearly as many parts as a normal scooter, which also helps make your first tries with a specific trick far easier


Total height:

61, 71cm



Bar material:

Aluminum 6061

Bar height:

570, 670mm

Bar width:



Partly assembled



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