KLEINER bewegt (EVENTS, Trainings, Infos & More)

Coming EVENTS:

More events planned, details will follow as soon as they are available


Fun & Balance Parc

  • Parc à jouer, avec beaucoup des véhicules à découvrir, seul, en couple ou à quatre personnes.
  • Public: Enfants 1 à 100 ans (gratuit)
KMX Karts
  • La Formule 1 des cyclistes: les KMX Karts. 
  • Un tricycle qui donne les sensations d’une console de jeux, l’oxygène en plus !
  • Public: Enfants dès 6 ans, ados et adultes (payant)
Crazy carts / ELECTRIC FUN
  • Viens tester CHTC SMART SMART WHEELS et NINEBOT E et l'Airwheel superior NINEBOT ONE E+!
  • Devenez fou avec nos CRAZY CARTS ! C’est un kart électrique qui permet, en tirant sur une barre, de passez en mode Crazy Cart. 
  • Vous pourrez faire des drifts vers avant, vers l’arrière, de côté, en diagonale… frissons garantis !
  • Public: Dès 9 ans, jusqu’à 60 kg. (payant)

Highlights an unseren Events:

NEW: CHIC-SMART -> SEGWAY-Feelung auf 2 Rollen, NUR Gleichgewicht, KEIN Halte oder Steuergriff, Superspass


1) get mad on our CRAZY CARTS:

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page: Crazy Wheels: Crazy Products & Event Highlights

-> https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=347218062102481&set=vb.109103132580643&type=3&theater

2) Formula 1 for KIDS -> KMX CARTS - fun on 3 wheels


Video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=362786673878953&set=vb.109103132580643&type=3&theater


  • pedalo(R)-Programm
  • KMX-Carts (Trikes)
  • Chill-Stunt Scooters
  • Amazing Skate- and Longboards (Aera)
  • BalanceParc (Vew-Do-Bards, Pedalo)
  • Quadro-playhouse (Build your own pla-castle) 

Pictures and videos from events: 
(our Facebook-page)


Events 2014:

- 1. - 5.102014 Suissetoy, BEA Expo, BERN

- 19.10.20214 Yes We're Open / autofreier Sonntag BERN, Breitenrain

- 22.-23-11.2013 Expo Junior. Palexpo Genf


Nino (Video) and Mish (Balance Boards):
-> Thanks a lot for your support and Video!
-> a wonderful present for a 10 year- jubilee! 10 years crazy-wheels for crazy kids!
-> watch it: at 07:55 the commentary for "fun on wheels" begins!



FORMEL FUN, Children's play hall in Bülach

  • super attractive offer, amazing launches, nice restaurant and great playing offers: A genious trip for families with kids from 1 to 10 and a lot more. Information under:  www.formelfun.ch
  • KLEINER bewegt also here: You will find some "crazy wheels", namely some special carts, since december 2014 also the cool CRAZY CARTS from RAZOR:
    With those you can drift and make spins until you are dizzy. You can buy the crazy carts at our eshop for a sale price of CHF 499.- 
  • Moreover you can find diverse gadgets, with whom you can train and proof your balance and coordination. 
  • Especially for children off 2 years, we have the cool animal animation and movment parcour from  pedalo®: Look it up in our eshop!