pedalo® Fuß-Torsionstrainer

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pedalo® foot Torsionstrainer


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pedalo® foot Torsionstrainer

The coordinated "foot screw" (torsion) means a pronation in the forefoot and an inversion in the hindfoot.
This twist gives the foot its necessary stability.
The fitting of the foot will require not only the mobile use of the tarsal bones, but in addition a differentiated driving through the calf and shin muscles. The pedalo®-foot Torsionstrainer allows a precise training, which is necessary for the functioning of the foot screw. In this trainingtool, the platform is cut into ten segments lined up in a row. Each segment is movable from left to right and vice versa. The foot muscles and foot position can thus be optimally addressed in its aspects and functions. The unique pedalo®-foot Torsionstrainer adapts to the instantaneous position of the feet and indicates the position of the segments to each other.
Now you can see if the foot screw proceeds spirally and evenly from the forefoot to the hindfoot.
Weaknesses, misalignment and thus instabilities are visible and can be trained specifically in a unique way.
With the help of two integrated fixing rods, the segments can be coupled with each other in their mobility.

  • trains foot stability
  • 10 movable elements, optionally lockable with one or two rods
  • pronation in the forefoot and inversion in the hindfoot


  • 1 piece
  • solid beech 32x12x5 cm
  • 0,7 kg 2 fixation rods


553225: HOLZ-HOERZ-2007er-Produkt-12/06

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